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What is Hosted PBX?

Gone are the days that require you to purchase a phone system for your office and then have to manage the installation, phone lines, long distance, new employees etc. Hosted PBX is a cloud based phone system that is managed on a secure private connection to ensure a higher quality phone service. Bundle your service and no equipment purchase is required.

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from over 1000 canadian cities, 1500 US cities and over 24 countries

Why Hosted PBX?

  • Option to purchase phone equipment to reduce monthly fees or bundle your phones and you don't have to invest a penny in proprietary phone equipment
  • Scale your phone service instantly based on your immediate needs you can add new users, suspend users, and expand your call capacity without ever needing a technician or site visit.
  • Predictable flat monthly costs
  • Reduce costs: Compared to having to buy a new phone system, procuring the necessary phone lines, managing long distance charges, managing new users, procuring a separate hardware maintenance contract, technician visits etc,

starting at

$12.95 /per user

Hosting is not for you?

If hosting your telephone equipment in the cloud gives you a sence of insecurity, let us manage your telephony service.  We will install equipment in your office and offer you all the cost advantages of hosted solutions

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a voice service that allows compatible phone systems to place calls over an IP connection (VoIP). While SIP Trunking is indeed VoIP, it doesn't generally use public residential internet connections like traditional VoIP home phone services. Inquire about SIP Trunking with a dedicated managed connection from you to us, guaranteeing you even higher quality digital phone service.